Dean's Message

Welcome to our website! 

The College of Liberal Studies was established in 2009 with the motto “Crossing the boundaries to embrace the future.” Since then, it has tried to educate global leaders who have creative and active minds. In particular, by providing students with the freedom to choose their major and the opportunity to create their own unique major, it has contributed to innovating Seoul National University’s undergraduate educational system. 

Currently, students at the College of Liberal Studies are able to choose their major freely, except some professional majors such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary science, and nursing, and create their own major according to their needs and interests. By engaging in class discussions with students majoring in different disciplines with diverse backgrounds, students can gain the capacity to respect others and to collaborate with each other. By exploring and experiencing the world abroad first-hand, they can also acquire the perspective necessary for a globalized world. The unique curriculum as well as the various extra-curricular programs offered by the college have contributed to nurturing the intellectual capacities and civic characters of the students.

The College of Liberal Studies wishes to become a creative and innovative educational platform. In this college, I hope you develop your careers and embrace the future. 

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you! 

Kim, Bumsoo
Dean of the College