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  • 2017     텍사스 A&M 대학교 통계학 박사
  • 2012     서울대학교 통계학 석사
  • 2010     서울대학교 통계학 학사


  • 2022 – 현재      서울대학교 자유전공학부 & 통계학과 조교수
  • 2020 – 2022     미국립보건원(NIH) 미국암연구소(NCI) 책임연구원(PI)
  • 2019 – 2020     미국립보건원(NIH) 미국암연구소(NCI) 전임연구원
  • 2017 – 2019     미국립보건원(NIH) 미국암연구소(NCI) 박사후과정 연구원

Research Interests

  • 생물통계
  • 생존분석
  • 표본조사
  • 시공간통계


  • Shin Y-E, Gail MH, and Pfeiffer RM. (2022) Assessing risk model calibration with missing covariates, Biostatistics, 23(3), 875-890. 
  • Shin Y-E, Pfeiffer RM, Graubard BI, and Gail MH. (2022) Weight calibration to improve efficiency for estimating pure risks from the additive hazards model with the nested case‐control design, Biometrics, 78(1) 179-191. 
  • Shin Y-E, Zhou L, and Ding Y. (2021) Joint estimation of monotone curves via functional principal component analysis, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 107343. 
  • Shin Y-E, Liu D, Sang H, Ferguson TA, and Song PXK. (2021) A binary hidden Markov model on spatial network for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease spreading pattern analysis, Statistics in Medicine, 40(13), 3035-3052.
  • Shin Y-E, Pfeiffer RM, Graubard BI, and Gail MH. (2020) Weight calibration to improve the efficiency of pure risk estimates from case‐control samples nested in a cohort. Biometrics, 76(4), 1087-1097. 
  • Shin Y-E, Sang H, Liu D, Ferguson TA, and Song PXK. (2019) Autologistic network model on binary data for disease progression study, Biometrics, 75(4), 1310-1320. 
  • Shin Y-E, Ding Y, and Huang JZ. (2018) Covariate matching methods for testing and quantifying wind turbine upgrades, Annals of Applied Statistics, 12(2), 1271-1292.

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