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Kwak, Naejin사진
  • 성명 Kwak, Naejin
  • 직위 Academic adviser / Undergraduate Program Coordinator
  • 학과 College of Liberal Studies
  • 전공 Education
  • 사무실
  • 홈페이지
  • 이메일
  • 연락처 +82-2-880-9547


2019 Ph.D. Education, Stanford University
2018 M.A.  Sociology, Stanford University
2012 M.A.  Education, Teachers College, Columbia University
2010 B.A.  Public Administration, Yonsei University


2020 -          Stanford Center for Innovation and Design Research - GS, Inc., Translator
2019 - 2020   Stanford Office of Faculty Development, Research Analyst
2018 - 2019   Stanford Graduate School of Education, Teaching Fellow
2018 - 2019   Office of Multicultural Affairs, Stanford School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Engineering,
                Senior Program Assistant

2017 - 2018   Stanford Residential Education, Graduate Fellow
2017 - 2018   The Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Graduate Voice and Influence Fellow 

Research and Teaching Interests

Sociology of Education, International Comparative Education, Higher Education, Gender and Diversity


Naejin Kwak and Francisco O. Ramirez. 2019. “Is Engineering Harder to Crack than Science? A Cross-National Quantitative Analysis of Women’s Participation in Male Dominated Fields of Study in Higher Education.” Annual Review of Comparative and International Education.
Naejin Kwak, Gabriela Gavrila, Francisco O. Ramirez. 2018. “Enacting Diversity in American Higher Education: An Organizational Analysis.” in T. Christensen, A. Gornitzka, and F. O. Ramirez, eds., Universities as Agencies: Reputation Management Dynamics. United Kingdom: Palgrave Macmillan.
Francisco O. Ramirez and Naejin Kwak. 2015. “Women’s Enrollments in STEM in Higher Education: Cross-National Trends, 1970-2010.” In W. Pearson Jr., L. Frehill, and C. McNeely, eds., Advancing Women in Science: An International Perspective. New York: Springer.

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