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Graduates of CLS carry on their innovative spirit and their leadership to embark on new journeys after their time at CLS. With the transformational experience at CLS, graduates pursue careers in all kinds of sectors, including but not limited to the government sector, the graduate school, law school, business and start-ups, and so on. The following summary statistics of the recent two cohorts of graduates can give you an initial idea of what the career trajectory may look like after your life at CLS. 

                                    Career Choice of Recent Graduates of CLS
Career Number of people Sum
August 2019 Graduates February 2020 Graduates
Graduate school 10 20 30
Professional School 0 21 21
Employment/Start-up 23 41 64
Various Pursuits 10 20 30
Total 43 102 145
Source: 2019학년도 자유전공학부 현황보고서


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