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Jang Dayk사진
  • 성명 Jang Dayk
  • 직위 Professor
  • 학과 College of Liberal Studies
  • 전공 Philosophy of Biology and Evolutionary Studies
  • 사무실
  • 홈페이지
  • 이메일
  • 연락처 +82-2-880-4289


  • Director, Institute for Cognitive Science, Seoul National University, April. 2019 ~ Present
  • President, The Korean Society for Cognitive Science, Jan. 2019 ~ Dec. 2019
  • Professor, College of Liberal Studies, Seoul National University (SNU), Korea, Mar. 2019 ~ Present
  • President, The Korean Society for Cognitive Science, Jan. 2019 ~ Present
  • Visiting Fellow (for sabbatical leave), Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts University, US. (host: Daniel C. Dennett), Aug. 2013 ~ Jul. 2014
  • Associate Professor, College of Liberal Studies, Seoul National University (SNU), Korea, Mar. 2013 ~ Feb. 2019
  • Adjunct Professor, Program in Cognitive Science, SNU (Sep 2012 ~ Present)/ Program in History & Philosophy of Science, SNU (Sep. 2010 ~ Present)
  • Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Studies, SNU, May 2010 ~ Feb. 2013
  • Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts & Education, Dongduk Women’s University, Korea, Mar. 2008 ~ Apr. 2010
  • Research Professor, Science Culture Research Center, Seoul National University, Korea, Sep. 2007 ~ Feb. 2008
  • Visiting Scholar (Post-doc.), Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts University, US. (advisor: Daniel C. Dennett), Sep. 2006 ~ Jul. 2007
  • Lecturer, Seoul National Univ/KAIST/Yonsei Univ, Mar. 2004 ~ Feb. 2008


Ph.D. in Program in History and Philosophy of Science, Seoul National University, Aug. 2005. Dissertation title: Genes, Selection, and Mind from an Evo-Devo Point of View: A Modular approach. (Advised by Inrae Cho and Jae C. Choe)
M.S. in Program in History and Philosophy of Science, Seoul National University, Aug.
1997. Thesis: Individuality and the ontological status of species
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology [KAIST], Feb. 1994.


Philosophy of Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Psychology, Evo-Devo, Science and Religion, Neuroethics


2010 National Medal of Science and Culture (The Minister of Science and Technology, Korea)
2009 Best Author in Science and Technology (The Minister of Science and Technology, Korea)


Philosophy of Biology (grad seminar): Fall 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014
Philosophy of Science (lecture): Spring 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010(grad seminar)
Foundations of Biology (grad seminar): Spring 2008, Fall 2011, 2012, 2015
Evolution of Cognition and Culture (grad seminar): Fall 2009, Spring 2013
Science and Religion (lecture): Fall 2009, 2011
Biological Understand of Human Nature: Fall 2012, Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall2016.


Graduate Students of PHPS: Jinkwon JUN (phD), Jinyoung Kim(phD), SeonJin Park(MA), Eunsoo Kim(MA), Minseop Lee(MA), Ohyun Kwon(MA)
Graduate Students of PCS: Yong-Jae CHA(phD), Chan Park(PhD), Sojung Baek(MA)
Undergraduate Students: Eva Hyangjung Lee, Hyungwook Nam, Kyunghyun Lee, Minkyung Ahn


1. Books  
  • Jang, D., I'm worried about my sociality, Seoul: Humanist , July, 2019 (in Korean)
  • Jang, D., Ultrasocial, Seoul: Humanist , June, 2017 (in Korean)
  • Jang, D., Darwin’s Garden, Seoul: Bada, Jan., 2017 (in Korean)
  • Jang, D., Darwin’s Study, Seoul: Bada, May, 2014 (in Korean)
  • Jang, D., What Sciences have taught about Human Nature, Seoul: Bada, Sep., 2013 (in Korean)
  • Hong, S. and Jang, D., The Neuroscience crossing the boundaries, Seoul: Bada, April, 2012 (in Korean)
  • Hong, S. and Jang, D., Human in the Brain, Brain in Human, Seoul: Bada, April, 2010 (in Korean)
  • Shin, J., Kim, Y. S., and Jang, D., Religion Wars, Seoul: Sciencebooks, June, 2009 (in Korean), The Best Book of The Year (Joongang Daily Newspaper)
  • Jang, D., Darwin’s Table, Seoul: Gimmyoung publishing company, Dec., 2008 (in Korean), The Best Book of the Year (The Minister of Science and Technology)
  • Jang, D., Different Dreams About Science: Popper vs. Kuhn, Seoul: Gimmyoung publishing company, June, 2008 (in Korean)
  • Jang, D. Darwin’s Finch and Paley’s Watch, Seoul: Gimmyoung publishing company, Nov., 2006 (in Korean)

2. Translations  
  • Jang, D.(2019), On the Origin of Species (1st ed.) by Charles R. Darwin(1859), John Murray.
  • Jang, D.(Forthcoming), On the Origin of Species (1st ed.) by Charles R. Darwin(1859), John Murray.
  • J. C. Choe & Jang, D.(2005), Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge by E.O. Wilson (1998), Knopf.
  • S. Hwang & Jang, D.(2004) , Chimpanzee Politics by Frans de Waal ( 1998
  • Jang, D. & Chung J. E. (2003), Extinction by David Raup (1992), Norton.
  • Jang, D.(2002), Dawkins vs. Gould: Survival of the Fittest by Kim Sterelny (2001), Icon Books.

3. Papers in refereed academic journals

  • Cha, Y., Baek, S., Ahn, G., Lee, H., Lee, B., & Jang. D.*(2020), Compensating for the loss of human distinctiveness: The use of social creativity under Human–Machine comparisons, Computers in Human Behavior 103: 80-90,
  • Cha, Y.-J., Baek, S., Lee, H.-S., Bae, J., Lee, J., Lee, S.-H., Kim, G., & Jang, D.*(2019), Combating Identity Threat of Machine: The effect of group-affirmation on humans’ intellectual performance loss. Korean, Korean Journal of Cognitive Science, 30(3): 157-174. 
  • Jang, D.(2018), Desires of Future: Android, Cyborg, and Network, 5 Designing Media Ecology, 09 winter: 59-66.
  • Shin, J.*, Suh, E. M., and Jang, D.(2018), Mate value at a glance: Facial attractiveness reveals women’s waist-to-hip ratio and men’s household income, Personality and Individual Differences, 135:128-130.
  • Jang, D.*, and Lee, M.-S.(2018), On the Moral Status of Disgust, Philosophical Studies, vol. 122: 51-84(in Korean).
  • Shin, J.-E., and Jang, D.*(2018), How does self-perceived wealth contribute to happiness? Increased preference for experiential purchase, The Korean Journal of Social and Personality Psychology, vol. 32(2): 47-66.(in Korean)
  •  Lee, M-S. & Jang,D.*(2017), The Limit of Gene-Culture Co-evolutionary Theory, Korean Journal of Cognitive Science 28(3):173-191.
  • Jang, D.(2017), What Can Cultural Psychology Give to Twenty-First-Century Biology? , East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal, 11: 405-409.
  • Bae, J., Cha, Y.J., Lee, H., Lee, B., Baek, S., Choi, S., and Jang, D.(2017), Social networks and inference about unknown events: A case of the match between Google’s AlphaGo and Sedol Lee., PLoS ONE 12(2): e0171472.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0171472
  • Jun, J., and Jang, D.(2017), Criticisms of the Perspective Pluralism of Trait-Group Selection Theory, Philosophy of Science, vol. 20(1): 1-33(in Korean)
  • Jun, J., and Jang, D.(2015), A Controversy on Inclusive fitness theory and its semantic problems, Philosophy of Science, vol. 18(1): 103-128(in Korean)
  • Jang, D.(2014), Latour meets Dennett: Actor-network Theory and Intentional System Theory, Philosophy of Science, vol. 17(2): 57-82(in Korean)
  • Chun, J. N., Lim J. M., Kang, Y., Kim, E. H., Shin, Y.-C., Kim, H.-G., Jang, D., Kwon, D., Shin, S.-Y., So, I., and Jeon, J.-H.(2014), A network perspective on unraveling the role of TRP channels in biology and disease, Pflügers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology, 466:173-182.(2014 Feb.)
  • Lee, K-Y., and Jang, D.(2013), Ethical and Social Issues Behind Brain-Computer Interface, PROC. OF 2013 IEEE INTERNATIONAL WINTER WORKSHOP ON BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACE, PP.72 ~ 75, IEEE, 2013, 2013 - 04
  • Jang, D.(2012), Why does Korean Protestantism want to be a science, Criticisms in Religious Cultures, vol. 19:101-136 (in Korean)
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  • Jang, D. (2012), A Natural History of Pornography: Evolutionary and neuroscientific approaches, The Journal of Criticism and Theory, vol. 17. No.1: 261-281 (in Korean)
  • Jang, D. (2011), Memes and Consilience : A new resolution for unity of knowledge debate in Korea, Integrative Studies, vol. 1. No.1: 129-146 (in Korean)
  • Jang, D.(2009), Darwinian Humanities and Evolution of Humanities, Studies in Humanities, vol. 61: 3-47(in Korean)
  • Jang, D.(2008), Is Religion a Spandrel: Religion, Cognition, and Evolution, Criticisms in Religious Cultures, vol. 14: 13-42(in Korean)
  • Jang, D.(2008), Issues in Neuroethics, Philosophy and Reality, vol. 78: 137-151(in Korean)
  • Jang, D.(2008), A Generalized Replicator theory, Genes, Memes, and Intentional Stance, Philosophy of Science, vol. 11(1): 1-33(in Korean)
  • Jang, D. (2007), Dawkins Revisited: Replicator, Agent, and the Beneficiary,  Philosophical Thoughts, vol. 25, pp.195-225. (in Korean)
  • Jang, D. (2005), Evolution of Altruism and Levels of selection controversy: Is Multi-level selection theory better?, Philosophy of Science, vol. 8, pp.81-113. (in Korean)
4. Conference presentations
  • Cha, Y.J., Baek, S., Lee, H., Lee, B., Ahn, G., and Jang, D.(2017), “Self-Compartmentalization Matters: The Underlying Process of Social Creativity”, Society for Personality and Social Psychology 18th Annual Convention, 21 Jan. 2017, San Antonio, USA.
  • Jang, D.(2013), “The Self and the Neuroscience of Morality,” in 2013 Neuroethics International Conference (Neuroethics in Context: East Meets West), Neuro-Humanities Research Group, Seoul, 11 Jan. 2013.
  • Min-Seop Lee, Jeong Ryu, and Dayk Jang(2012), “How they pick out the answer in multiple choice questionnaire: independent-self vs. interdependent-self”, 34th Annual Cognitive Science Conference, August 1-4, 2012, Sapporo, Japan.
  • Jang, D.(2012), “Humanities of Mirror Neurons“, BRC Int’l conference 2012 @Jeju in conjunction with the 5th BRC-UK joint symposium on neuroscience, 27~29, June, 2012, Jeju, 21st Century Frontier R&D program in neuroscience, Brain Research Center.
  • Jang, D.(2010), "Taking Culture Seriously: Neuron and Neuroscience in the Context", The 10th Niennial meeting of the Asia-Pacific Society for Neurochemistry, 19 Oct 2010 Phuket, Taipei.
  • Jang, D.(2010), "Neuroethics Meets Culture," 2010 society for social studies of science symposium, University of Tokyo, Japan, 26 Aug 2010.
  • Jang, D.(2008), "Modular Stance: Bridging Evo-Devo and Evolutionary Psychology," International symposium for Philosophy of biology and philosophy of economics, National Chungching University, Taiwan
  • Jang, D.(2008), “Modularism from an Evo-Devo Perspective,” International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology workshop, Kobe University, Japan, Nov. 5. 2008
  • Jang, D.(2007), History and Philosophy of Evo Devo, presented at Ewha Womans University and Sokendai Joint Lecture Series in Korea, Oct. 6. 2007.
  • Jang, D.(2004), On Ruse’s “Darwinian Ethics”: How Evolutionary and Ethical? Presented at The 6th Lectures of “A Special Lectures by Distinguished Scholars” (M. Ruse), Oct. 29, 2004.

5. Media (selected)

Nature Interview on Text Book Revision by Creationists in Korea: (05 June 2012)
Science Interview on Text Book Revision by Creationists in Korea: (06 July 2012)



  • Principle Investigator, “An Interdisciplinary Study on Changes in Human Identity through the Google Deepmind challenge match : Neurological, Psychological, Philosophical, and Social Network Approaches” supported for brain fusion research by Seoul National University (May. 2016~ Apr. 2017)
  • Co-researcher, “Transdisciplinary Studies on Culture-Brain Dynamics”, Supported by Korea Research Foundation,(Aug. 2015 ~ Feb. 2017)
  • Co-researcher, “Evolution of Artifacts”, supported for brain fusion research by Seoul National University (Nov. 2012 ~ Oct. 2013)
  • Co-researcher, “Knowledge Integration and STS”, supported by Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity (Apr. 2011 ~ Mar. 2013)
  • Principle Investigator, “A Memetic Approach to Cultural Evolution”, supported for the junior faculty by Seoul National University (Oct. 2010 ~ Sep. 2011)
  • Co-researcher, “Neurohumanities in Korea”, supported by KOSEF (Apr. 2009 ~ Mar. 2012).
  • Principal investigator, “Cultural Evolution”, supported by KRF (Sep. 2007~ Aug. 2010)
  • Co-researcher, “Brain, I, and Society: Neuro-Sciene &Technology and Its Philosophical Issues”, supported by Korea Research Foundation (Jan. 2006 – Dec. 2006),
  • Visiting Research Student, Language and Intelligence Section in Primate Research Institute at Kyoto University, Japan, (2 Nov. ~ 28 Nov. 2002), “Chimpanzee Cognition and the Evolution of Human Mind” (advisor: Dr. T. Matsuzawa)
  • Visiting Scholar (British Chevening Scholar), Center for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS) at London School of Economics and Politics, UK, (Apr. 2001 – Aug. 2001), “Toward a More Comprehensive Theory of Selection” (advisor: H. Cronin)


  • Secretary General (Jan. 2012 ~ Dec. 2012), The Korean Society for Cognitive Science
  • Editorial board (2009 ~ present), Philosophy of Science, The Korean Society for Philosophy of Science.
  • Advisory board (2012 ~ present), Korean Journal of Biological Psychiatry, Korean Society of Biological Psychiatry

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