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Yang Il-Mo사진
  • 성명 Yang Il-Mo
  • 직위 Professor, Dean
  • 학과 College of Liberal Studies
  • 전공 Far Easton Philosophy
  • 사무실
  • 홈페이지
  • 이메일
  • 연락처 +82-2-880-9545


  • Ph. D. East Asian Thought and Culture, The University of Tokyo
  • Doctoral Coursework Oriental Philosophy, Seoul National University
  • M. A. Oriental Philosophy, Seoul National University
  • B. A. Philosophy, Seoul National University

 Professional Experience

  • Assistant professor, Associate professor, Professor, Hallym University
  • Vice Director, Hallym Academy of Sciences
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Washington
  • Classical Chinese Studies Professor, The Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies
  • Lecturer, Saitama University,
  • The University of Tokyo, Research Associate(Joshu)

 Research Interests

  • Modern Chinese Philosophy, Korean Philosophy
  • Comparative philosophy:Chinese and Western
  • Intellectual History, Conceptual History, Translation Theory

 Recent Publications

  • Mapping of Modern Knowledge and Translation in East Asia, co-authorship, 2015
  • From the left-the right to Conservative and Progressive, co-authorship, 2014
  • Diversity and University of Chinese Civilization, co-editor, 2013
  • Poet and philosophy of Yi Byong-hyu, co-translator, 2013
  • Conceptual History from two viewpoints, co-authorship, 2013
  • East Asia, Translating Modernity, co-authorship, 2013
  • Bibliographical Notes on the Basic Books of East Asian conceptual Study Ⅱ, co-authorship, 2013
  • China in Liberalism, published in Japan, co-authorship, 2011
  • Yan Fu: Modern China and Western Thought, 2008
  • What is Politics: The Birth of Politics in Modern China, translation, 2008
  • Tian Yan Lun(Ethics and Revolution), co-translation, 2008
  • “Imaging the Imperial Russia in Modern China”, 2015
  • “Translating Darwin's Metaphors in East Asia”, 2013
  • “The birth of the history of Chinse Philosophy in 20th century”, 2013
  • “The Multi-layered Modern Characters of Concepts in Korean”, 2012.
  • “Journey to the Thought”, 2012
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