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Welcome to the College of Liberal Studies, Seoul National University

The college was established in 2009 to offer a unique and innovative program, which was fairly comprehensive in coverage, tenor, and objectives. The program design was created with the intention of enabling students to make important contributions to the global community and to become global leaders. The college was furthermore established as a part of cumulative development plans undertaken by Seoul National University in 2007 to respond to the growing challenges of our highly competitive time and environment. Our college motto "Beyond Boundaries, Toward a Brighter Future" reflects the faculty's strong commitment to create a stimulating academic program and atmosphere in which creative ideas and critical thinking may thrive. In order to achieve this goal, the college prizes and encourages trans-disciplinary methods and learning into an educational experience that ranges beyond the traditional boundaries of knowledge. With our distinctive programs, we would like our students to be creative and attain what seems unattainable.


A Truly Liberal Educational Environment

Our objectives are numerous. One of them is to foster a truly free learning environment in which students may choose majors in accordance with their interest, aspiration and aptitude, or by designing and formulating their own majors in order to achieve their potential and career ambitions. No matter what majors students may finally choose, we hope to assist them to become kind, thoughtful and virtuous persons capable of self-reflection and good thinking, writing and oral delivery. We do not want our students to see their education merely to prepare themselves for any particular job upon their graduation. In a profound sense, we hope to prod them to acquire an inquisitive mind about old conventions, customs, prejudices and dogma inhibiting free exercise of critical thinking and imagination. We would like to see our students develop the habit of being critical of themselves and their surrounding communities. The English name for CLS - College of Liberal Studies - aptly expresses this transcendent spirit.


College of Liberal Studies: A Place of Unique Educational Experience and Opportunities

CLS, founded on a new educational model for undergraduate studies, offers a variety of innovative and hitherto untried programs, such as close personal interaction with faculty and professional advisors, peer mentoring, camp Byuri Camp and global field study projects. These are all framed to give students a deep, well-rounded and stimulating university education. We invite you to join us in exploring this unique venture of humanistic and scientific learning with the help of a team of professors, research scholars, and advisors who are dedicated to students' wellbeing as their foremost priority. Our students can and should always count on individualized attention from the college. Our most cherished educational principles are active learning by students, and active teaching by professors. We believe that we, students and faculty, are engaged together in this educational process. Classes and curricula-such as Selected Topics Seminars, Creative Seminars, Classics Seminars, Global Experiential Learning, Independent Study, as well as Capstone Design - are all based on our conviction that the best learning process involves close student-faculty interaction and participation, and that studying may be both challenging and deeply gratifying at the same time. For example, first-year students taking the Selected Topics Seminar will attend small- sized classes with three professors from different disciplines giving lectures on a variety of important subjects - including time, space, life, knowledge, kindness, love, happiness, and civilization. The course may be demanding to some, but it provides them with a clear sense of what it means to study at our college.

We also believe that the college's challenging and innovative programs would be futile unless they are tempered by intellectual courage and, above all, ethical values. This is why CLS faculty and staff are wholly committed to the idea of cultivating a humanistic climate in which our students may grow as fine human beings with strong moral sensibilities and conscientious leadership. During the short period of its operation, the college has already demonstrated enormous potential and will promise to make a vital contribution to Korea's higher education in the 21st century. We look forward to seeing the college perform true to the college's founding principles and continue this prodigious educational journey.


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