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  • 날짜2018-08-06 09:04:08
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1. 행사명: The 1st Soo-Ik Oh Distinguished Lecture in Mechanics

2. 연사명: L. Mahadevan (Harvard University)

3. 행사 일시: 2018년 8월 7일(화) 오전 11시 - 12시

4. 장소: 서울대학교 301동 118호 

5. 강연 제목: Programming Shape

6. 초록:
How can we program and design the shape of thin sheets that enhance/enable their function? Inspired by origami and biology,
I will describe our attempts to solve this problem in a few different settings that include
(i) kirigami tessellations to convert any planar 2d shape into a given 2d shape,
(ii) origami tessellations to convert planar sheets into complex curved surfaces, and
(ii) 4d phytomimetic printing strategies inspired by biological growth patterns to design metrics to create flowers and faces.

7. 연사 소개:
L. Mahadevan was educated serially as an engineer, mathematician and physicist in India and the USA, and is concurrently a Professor of Applied Mathematics,
Physics and Biology at Harvard University. He studies how matter is shaped and how it flows, on scales that range from the macromolecular to the tectonic.
He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, was a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, George Ledlie Prize (Harvard Univ.) and Edgerton Award (MIT), and was the inaugural holder of the Schlumberger Chair in Complex Physical Systems (Cambridge Univ.).

8. 문의처: 02-880-1916 /


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